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EcoForge Soy Wax | 5lb | 100% Natural

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Our EcoForge Soy Wax is 100% natural, made of high quality and sustainably farmed soybeans, with minimal refining while still ensuring consistent quality. No Paraffin & No Chemicals.

Comes in microwavable pellets, making it incredible easy to measure and melt. A resealable & durable bag and a shovel help prevent a mess and keep the wax fresh when you decide to store it for future use.

Clear Instructions to set you up with everything you need to craft beautiful and professional looking candles.

As a local American business, we understand the quality standards you expect, and the significance of having reliable candle making supplies. True Candle is 100% committed to customer satisfaction, so please let us know if there is ever something wrong with your order!

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