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Essential Candle Making Supplies You Need - The Quick Overview

Essential Candle Making Supplies You Need - The Quick Overview

Essential Candle Making Supplies You Need - The Quick Overview

Embarking on your candle-making journey is both exciting and rewarding. To ensure your success, it's crucial to have the right supplies. This guide will walk you through the essential items you need to create beautiful, high-quality candles. By the end, you'll be well-prepared to start crafting and enjoying your homemade candles.


  1. Candle Wax

Wax is the foundation of any candle. There are various types of wax available, each with its own benefits and characteristics:

Paraffin Wax: A popular choice due to its affordability and versatility.

Soy Wax: Made from soybean oil, it’s natural and burns cleaner than paraffin.

Beeswax: A natural wax that produces a bright, clean burn and a mild honey scent.

Palm Wax: Known for its unique crystalline texture and eco-friendly properties.


  1. Candle Wicks

Choosing the right wick is crucial for ensuring a consistent and even burn. There are several types of wicks to consider:

Cotton Wicks: The most common type, suitable for most candles.

Wooden Wicks: These create a soothing crackling sound when burned.

Hemp Wicks: Eco-friendly and great for natural candles.


  1. Candle Containers

Containers hold the wax and provide the candle with its shape. The options are endless:

Glass Jars: Popular and versatile, suitable for most candle types.

Candle Tins: Lightweight and travel-friendly.

Ceramic Containers: Stylish and durable, often used for premium candles.

  1. Fragrance Oils

Adding fragrance oils to your candles can create delightful aromas that enhance the ambiance of any room. Choose from a wide range of scents:

Floral Scents: Like lavender, rose, and jasmine.

Fruity Scents: Such as citrus, apple, and berry.

Earthy Scents: Including sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli.


  1. Color Dyes

Color dyes add a beautiful hue to your candles. There are several types of dyes to choose from:

Liquid Dyes: Easy to mix for a uniform color.

Dye Chips: Pre-measured for convenience.

Dye Blocks: Can be shaved or melted for custom shades.

How to Color Candles | BrambleBerry



Having the right candle making supplies is the first step toward successful candle making. With these essentials, you’re well on your way to creating beautiful, personalized candles. At True Candle, we offer a wide range of high-quality supplies to meet all your candle-making needs. Visit our store to explore our products and start your candle-making journey today!

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