The new EcoForge Soy Wax
100% Natural. Perfect for Beginners
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The New EcoForge Soy Wax

100% Natural and Beginner-Friendly Soy Wax

Our Unique Formula

Harvested from sustainable, high-quality crops and without the addition of any chemicals such a paraffin, these microwavable pellets are the ideal wax for both, beginners and advanced candle makers.

Sustainably sourced. No Chemicals. No Paraffin.
Wax Pellets that melt even and fast sinkholes, cracks or other uneven textures
...actually smell the fragrance you put in
Resealable Bag, and a shovel for easy handling

Our Open-Box Units

Our Open-Box units are items that other customers have returned to us. Those items undergo a quality control process - meaning that the great majority of these units is in “new” condition. Like new, but much cheaper.


How to Place a Bulk Order

Tired of writing emails back and forth to get quotes? We have introduced a system that let's you skip all of that. Just add products (and customizations) to the cart, select shipping options, and get a final quote. It's never been this easy!

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